With a true passion for the art of millinery, we work with a large variety of materials and fabrication techniques. From cut and sewn fabric to blocked hats, we have successfully created a wide range of custom headwear for our clients.


Custom blocked hats typically take 2-4 weeks to produce, depending on the nature of the finishing.

Custom fabric hats are more involved as they most often require a new pattern to be drafted to the specific needs of the customer. Including an interim fitting for pattern adjustments, this process can take up to 4-6 weeks. 


The cost for a custom order is based upon the price of the hat plus a $50 consultation fee. 



Whether it’s a custom hat or headpiece, our typical custom process can be broken down into a few fundamental steps. First, we begin with the hat or headpiece base shape. Ideally this would be done in the studio, where we have a number of options to try on. Once the fundamental shape is established, we then discuss attachment methods, materials, colors and finishes. Finally, the trimming or decorative elements are added. Often times this portion of the process will be done via text or email image exchange.

One last note regarding headpieces or ‘fascinators’ as they are often called, it is recommended to decide early in the design process which side you’d like the piece to sit or ‘tilt’ on your head. As a starting point, for those that side part their hair, we recommend placing the headpiece on your part.


Please visit our sizing page, for instructions on taking your own head measurement.